Finding Your Rhythm

Do you ever feel just OFF? Nothing is extremely wrong, but things are not just right either. I almost feel kinda guilty for not being happy, when such wonderful things have been manifesting in my life. Granted, there have been some disappointing moments, but I shouldn't be feeling like this! Totally out of know … Continue reading Finding Your Rhythm


‘Ask Fashion Friday’ Has Just Launched

Heyyyy my lovies!!! For the past few days, I have been thinking of different ways to connect more with my followers and audience and provide content that would not only entertain, but be of service to them. About two weeks ago, I decided to randomly go 'Live' on Facebook and I absolutely loved it. I … Continue reading ‘Ask Fashion Friday’ Has Just Launched

Vacation Spotlight: SeaWorld San Antonio & Aquatica Waterpark

It's Summertime and I am so ready for my next vacation!! We've already visited New Orleans and took a cruise to Mexico on Carnival in May. It was so ironic that I was invited to a SeaWorldย  and Visit San Antonio Social Influencers event here in Houston and I'm planning my family road trip vacation … Continue reading Vacation Spotlight: SeaWorld San Antonio & Aquatica Waterpark