L.A Is Always A Good Idea

Life  is already so busy, then add being an entrepreneur  to that and it becomes even busier . I was getting so burnt out and found myself getting really short-tempered with people, so I knew it was time for a vacation. I reached out to my bestie of 30 years, Angelisa, and said, "Let's take … Continue reading L.A Is Always A Good Idea

5 Things I’m Learning in Becoming a RISING Fashion Blogger

When I started my blog, I have to be honest and say that it was out of necessity. I say that only because, in the fashion industry as a boutique owner and stylist, it is fashion suicide if you don't have different vehicles of feeding your businesses and blogging is one of them. But once … Continue reading 5 Things I’m Learning in Becoming a RISING Fashion Blogger

‘Ask Fashion Friday’ Has Just Launched

Heyyyy my lovies!!! For the past few days, I have been thinking of different ways to connect more with my followers and audience and provide content that would not only entertain, but be of service to them. About two weeks ago, I decided to randomly go 'Live' on Facebook and I absolutely loved it. I … Continue reading ‘Ask Fashion Friday’ Has Just Launched