L.A Is Always A Good Idea

Life  is already so busy, then add being an entrepreneur  to that and it becomes even busier . I was getting so burnt out and found myself getting really short-tempered with people, so I knew it was time for a vacation. I reached out to my bestie of 30 years, Angelisa, and said, "Let's take … Continue reading L.A Is Always A Good Idea

1426 Fashion Week Comes to Houston!

I hope Houston is ready for something new and fabulous! 1426 Fashion Week is dedicated to celebrating women of all shapes and sizes  on the runway. Some of the most talented designers will be showcasing their collections and I need to make sure I am in the place. I am so excited to see the latest fashion trends and to … Continue reading 1426 Fashion Week Comes to Houston!

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

As a stylist, one of my favorite things to do is creating photo shoots. Well I had an amazing time being the creative director/stylist for Dinjii Styling Co.’s photo shoot. We started at 8 am and everyone came with loads of enthusiasm. I had an amazing creative team working with me and a photographer that … Continue reading Behind the Scenes Photoshoot