Green Book Movie Review

I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend the pre-screening of the movie Green Book. I saw the trailer to this movie a few months ago and knew that I had to see it. The storyline intrigued me because it looked as if two complex characters would collide and eventually make beautiful music together. I honestly tried to keep my expectations low because if I don’t, I’m usually disappointed. With Academy Award winner, Mahersala Ali and actor Viggo Mortensen, starring in this film, I knew I would be in for a treat. 

If this movie is not nominated for many categories at the Golden Globes and Oscars, then something is absolutely wrong with the Academy. 

“I truly enjoyed this movie and I would pay to watch it at least two more times.”

-Vet Beene

The movie was about two men, a black man and Italian man, from the same place but two different worlds that establish an incredible friendship during a time when there was so much racism keeping them apart.  The writing was poetic and surprisingly funny. Sometimes when you watch movies that tackle a heavy subject such as racism, you expect it to be serious but this movie was quite entertaining.  I interviewed moviegoer Vet Beene and she expressed, “I truly enjoyed this movie and I would pay to watch it two more times.”

Honestly, I can’t believe that I had never heard of the Negro Motorist Green Book or Classical Pianist extraordinaire, Dr. Don Shirley and his long-time friend, Tony Vallelonga. The movie had so many moments that moved me to tears and made my belly shake from laughter.  This movie shines a light on another important part of history that had not been told and hidden from America. I am making it a priority to dig into history to find out about so many more incredible black people that have done extraordinary things in spite of injustice and cruelty. 

Here in the city of Houston, there is even a group called The Green Book Project that travels to the various spots in the movie from the book. I think I may look into it. Be sure to go support a well-written and performed movie. I’m definitely going to see it again! 

Actual Negro Travelers’ Green Book 

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