My Favorite Bloggers

How in the world do I write a condensed post about my favorite bloggers? I have no idea. Out of all of the social media outlets, I would have to say that I love Instagram! I find myself perusing through Instagram accounts for hou….. Let’s just say longer than I have time for, to say the least. Anywho meaning anyway, I just wanted to share some of my blog crushes hoping one day I will end up on someone’s ‘Blog Crush’ list…. 

Here are some of my favs:


Being a personal fashion stylist and having my own business allows me the chance to make my clients feel amazing and be inspired. Well these fashion bloggers do the same for me. 

Everything Chic and Curvy 

I love her style.  I actually discovered her on Instagram and have been following her ever since. By being a plus-size woman myself , there is nothing like being sexy, stylish and sophisticated and she always does that. I love her style because she’s not afraid to take risks and doesn’t allow her curvy figure to stop her.  Rock on! 


Style Pantry 

A couple of years ago, I saw one of her Instagram posts and fell in love with her ability to always look so polished and sassy. She can absolutely wear anything and look good. I really admire the way she takes simple pieces, but makes them look extraordinary with a designer shoe or how she may even tuck her shirt in a certain way. She’s definitely my go-to for style ideas. My fashion She-Ro! 


Garner Style 

True story. I remember when I opened up my first business, Dinjii Boutique, in Houston and I was just starting out and learning the ins and outs. I remember getting a phone call from Chastity who was telling me all about her book, The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style, that had just come out to see if I was interested in selling it in my boutique. Fast forward, she is one of the top fashion bloggers on the scene. So proud of her! 



What can I say about this lady who has totally used her platform to create a fabulous brand.  She is such a breath of fresh air and stylishly brings the coolest fashions to life. I absolutely love her swimsuit line Gabifresh she did for Swimsuits for All


Be sure to check out these amazing bloggers… 



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Bloggers

  1. Patricia Hopkins says:

    This was truly a eye opener for me to read how my sister really feels about being a fashion blogger,I had no idea what that meant until now and love that she’s living out her passion and this has inspired me to change somethings in my life and know that you’re never too old to learn,live and love what your passion in life really is…Good Luck sissy and God Bless !!♡♡♡

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