‘Ask Fashion Friday’ Has Just Launched

Heyyyy my lovies!!!

For the past few days, I have been thinking of different ways to connect more with my followers and audience and provide content that would not only entertain, but be of service to them. About two weeks ago, I decided to randomly go ‘Live’ on Facebook and I absolutely loved it. I was literally blown away at the fact that people would even watch me, first of all ,and  then interact with me. I said to myself, I gotta do this again. 

So I went into my “ThinkTank” and said, why don’t I give my viewers an opportunity to ask me whatever they like. Anything related to fashion, beauty, styling tips, etc. and I would answer their questions ‘LIVE’.  And then I launched ‘Ask Fashion Friday’ with Shaundra. With over 11 years of owning my own fashion consulting business, Dinjii Styling Co. and being a personal fashion stylist, why not use my expertise to have fun and talk fashion. 

Soooo,  on FRIDAYS, I will going ‘LIVE’ on my Snapped by Dinji Fashion Blog Facebook page at 3:30 p.m. CST to be your ‘FRIDAY PERSONAL STYLIST’!!!!!

Send us all of your questions and/or fashion dilemmas, so that I can help you look FABULOUS ….

You can send your questions via:

Instagram @dinjiistylingco

Facebook @snappedbydinjiifashionblog 

Twitter @dinjiifashion

Be sure to ‘LIKE US’ on Facebook!  

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