HAAB 2017 Bootcamp

For some reason, as I am about to write this blog post, in my head I’m singing “I’mmmmmm Every Woman, it’s all in meeee” because I can’t wait for Houston African American Bloggers Bootcamp on Saturday, August 5th, 9:30 am – 2:00 pm. I still consider myself a new blogger, so I have a lot to learn and this group of bloggers are a wealth of information and inspiration.  

I am so excited to hear from our panel of social content experts, networking and just being in a room with other social influencers that do what I do. When I leave events like this, I always get that boost that I need to keep pressing on with becoming great at being a fashion blogger.

And did I mention, that this event is SOLD OUT! So stay tuned for other events to come…….

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