Swimwear Trends for Summer ’17

Are you ready to hit all of the beaches and pool parties this Summer? 

Well, Summertime is here and the sun is blazing with its hot rays bathing the beaches and the waves. As the temperatures rise, it’s time to hit the water! Who doesn’t love to have that perfect fun day, basking in the sun and splashing around in the waters?

However, we all want to look our best. Whether it’s a pool party or a day at the beach, and having the perfect swimsuit is a must! With the fashion eclipse taking over swimwear as well, it can be difficult to choose a swimsuit with so many options. To make things easier for you, here are the latest trending swimsuits that will land you in the spotlight for sure!

High Leg

One of the most appreciated swimwear fashion of 2017 is the high leg. From Kim Kardashian to Jessie J, everybody has opted for at least one high leg onesie and rocked it too. If you wish to show off those tantalizing curves in the latest manner, the high leg one piece is the perfect choice for you. Wearing one at the pool or the beach are sure to draw lots of attention and will up your fashion game for sure.

high thigh

More High Leg Styles 


Whether it’s a one piece or a 2 piece, florals are the latest prints that have been making an appearance everywhere. The subtle flowers and the bright color combination help balance your silhouette which makes floral prints a must buy for plus sized women. Try to stick to dark shades with bright florals that will help you embrace your curves for a fun day in the water!

plus tankini

The Swim Dress


Another trend coming back into fashion is the swim dress. This is great news for plus sized women as the flayed-out cut of the dress and the slim waist helps to define the figure and gives you a well-shaped look. The dress can have a looped neck, a one-shoulder or a sweetheart neckline. It doesn’t really matter because all of these bright cuts are striking a fabulous show of colors on the coast. We are surely in love with them.


Another trend that fashionistas can’t seem to put down is the mesh. Whether it’s a high neck mesh or a striped one piece with a mesh body, the mesh is literally, everywhere. We can’t blame the fashion world as the trend really does have some eye-catching pieces and looks quite sizzling when worn. We are intrigued by this style of swimwear and can’t help but adore it. All of these latest trending swimsuits are expected to be the fashion statements for 2017.


Whether you are plus sized or have a slim physique, these swimsuits are sure to bring out the fashion icon from within you. Try out these latest trends for a stylish day at the beach and be the center of attraction. So, what are you waiting for, upgrade your swimwear today!

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