52 Day Health Journey: Week 1 – Juicing, Days 1 & 2


I am HERE!! and I am ready to finally jump over this hurdle that has been keeping me from reaching my threshold of Healthy and Fit, FOOODDDDD!!!! I needed to do something drastic to break this carb and sweets addiction that is making me bigger and bigger. I really wanted to say Fatter and Fatter, but that would make me feel worse.

So here’s the deal.

Each week I will be incorporating a different healthy regimen into my lifestyle. This week is juicing. I don’t think I was prepared for how much of a struggle this was going to be.

Let me tell how this plan was devised. I was having girl talk with my dear friend Anissa and we were talking about how we were ready to get back on track and how we both were looking at how small we were last year on our trip to the Dominican Republic for our 40th Birthday.  (We had a blast by the way) So we both agreed to support one another and do this journey together. So she brought her juicer over and went to juicing some of her favorite recipes.

We were also chatting about how her church is doing this 52 Day Challenge that is predicated on the scripture Nehemiah 6:15 that talks about how it took 52 days to build the wall. So that is what we are doing!

For the next 52 days, we are reshaping our minds, bodies, souls and spirits and building a wall against all of the things that may have been hindering us from reaching our fullest potential.

This is a COMPLETE transformation!

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Day 1 

I packed all of juice in  my lunch bag and I had a made up mind that morning that this was the beginning of something fantastic. By lunch time, I was ready to quit. I was starving and had major headaches. I started to hydrate and started to feel better. I had a major energy crash around 1 pm. I was so drained and sleepy.

It took some getting used to with the taste but it was very good and refreshing.

Breakfast: Ginger Tea

  • Hot water
  • Ginger
  • Honey
  • Lemon

Lunch and Snack: Incredible Hulks (Green Juice)


Incredible Hulk (Avocado, Celery, Apples, Kales..etc.)


Ironton Fighting Tiger (Orange, Pineapples, Carrots….etc)

Day 2 

Let me say that  I rested so well! It was unbelievably well. I didn’t wake up so lethargic and lazy like I normally do. I woke up alert and energized. I haven’t felt like that in a long time. The hunger wasn’t so bad on this day. I started to feel really light and more focused mentally.  I felt amazing all day. This is crazy! Now why didn’t I do this earlier?

Stay Tuned for Day 3……

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