52 Days of ReBoot: My Health Journey


A year ago, I was in a different place physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I’m often reminded of it when I see those Facebook memories post that show up on my feed every morning. Well, for the past few weeks, it’s been making me sad seeing how much smaller I was and how each and every one of my post included me checking in at the gym or with my trainer. I have had enough!

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For the past 3 years, I have been on this health journey  and I have to say it’s been just that – A JOURNEY! I have lost a total of 91lbs and I still have a ways to go. Not much but ENOUGH! Ups and downs, sideways, down-ways………every which way, I have been there. So much has happened in my life since 2014 that has affected me and my lifestyle in so many ways. Through the death of my mom and her 4 siblings (back to back) along with my divorce, you can only imagine the roller coaster ride that I have been on. But the blessed thing is that I have had an amazing support system of family and friends that have let me just cry until I was empty and laugh until my stomach hurt and encourage me and pray for me consistently.

So here I am ready to take it on and get over this hurdle. I am the type that has to find what works for me, so I’m going to be doing a number of things during this NEXT 52 days.


Let me explain a few things about myself, so I can let you know that challenges that I am tackling and I’m sure I’m not alone:

  1. I love food.
  2. I love carbs. (All of them)
  3. I like to drink cocktails and be social
  4. I have a BAD BAD sweet tooth.
  5. I like to snack.
  6. I like eating out.
  7. I like to cook FOR OTHER PEOPLE.
  8. I’m a southern girl at heart which means, I love salt and gravy.
  9. I like SWEET sweet tea.

I am on the quest to finding a substitute for a lot of the things that I like and it’s out there, although it’s not the same, I’m ready to make this change. It’s time and I’m 40!

I will take you week by week on finding my rhythm for my lifestyle and body. I carry most of my weight in my waist and stomach area, so 80% of this has to do with my nutrition. Watch and follow my YouTube Channel, where I will be vlogging about my experience as well.  

NEXT POST: Week 1 : Juicing

8 thoughts on “52 Days of ReBoot: My Health Journey

  1. naturallyfarout says:

    Keep moving forward! You got this! Sometimes it’s hard to get to the gym and eat the right kind of foodies. I think you have had wonderful progress and it can only get better from here.


  2. fashionsnob says:

    Wow! I’ve subscribed to your YouTube and am excited to follow you along your journey. I wish you all the best! 🙂


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