Relationship Boost

Stop Being So Predictable     

First of all, before I start this column let me say that I am not an expert but life and hurt will give you lots of wisdom. I thought it would be fun and helpful to some if I just tell my own funny stories and my advice on love, relationships and marriage.

Ask yourself, “Are you predictable in your relationships?”

Do you answer every call or text when they come in? Or do you sometimes wait a couple or hours or even a day or so to return the message. If not, then you should from time to time.

When you are constantly available every time a guy texts or calls you, guess what that is called in their heads? PREDICTABLE

See here’s the thing.

They get used to us doing the same thing. They say, “ohhhh, I know how she’s going to react to this or that.”But we have to keep switching it up to , making them guess keeping them on their feet. The expect you to reply because they know you are PREDICTABLE and can be at his disposal at any given moment. We have to change that.


I don’t know it all, just the basics…or a lil more than the basics…lol!!  But ladies, always keep this in the back of your mind. MEN ARE PREDICTABLE, WOMEN SHOULDN’T BE.


Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a licensed marriage/relationship expert. These opinions are of my own.

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